Driver Health & Safety within your Workplace

APRIL 2017
  • Do you provide a company car to your employees?

  • Are you aware that health and safety law and risk assessment applies to work related driving activities in the same way it does within the actual work place?


  • Are you aware that you have a legal responsibility to ensure others are not put at risk by your work related driving activities? 

Fact - You are not obliged to take action if it would be detrimental to your business however ,where reasonably practical, you need to manage all aspects of health and safety which includes assessing the risk of your drivers.


Fact - You have a duty to assess their driving capabilities and assess the risk to them and to others. You must assess any risk regarding their work related driving. You must also consider how to manage any risks and also implement, discuss and plan for any additional information or training if it is required. 


The Solution!


·        I can offer specific courses offering driver assessment.

·        I can tailor the courses to your own individual needs on a one to one or group basis. 

·        I provide a report for you to keep within your employee records. 

·        If required, further training can be provided covering hazard awareness, driver planning, cost efficient driving skills and more. 


The benefits to your company will include:


1.     An effective and accountable risk assessment system.

2.     Less accidents and injury to drivers.

3.     Less illness / absenteeism. 

4.     More cost awareness and efficiency within your company vehicle fleet.

5.     Reduced stress and improved health and well being.


For further information on courses available contact me on 07702 433468


Health and safety executive providing further information on your duties relating to driving at work.

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