Test Day

Checklist of things to remember on the day of your Driving Test

On test day make sure you have the following documentation:

Both parts of your provisional licence (paper & card)

Your booking confirmation letter

Pass certificate from your theory test

Tax book from the vehicle
(provided by Best Driving School)

Arrive at test centre at least 10 minutes prior to test

On arrival at the test centre go to reception - no need to check in.

The examiner will check your documents and ask you to sign the relevant forms. You also have the option of your instructor accompanying you on the test.

The next stage on your way to the car, is to read a number plate from a required distance.

You will then be asked several 'show me, tell me' questions before the practical driving test. 

The practical driving part of the test lasts about 30 - 35 minutes.  You will be assessed on forward driving, an emergency stop and one reversing manoeuvre.  Your test will also include independent driving.



collection & drop off to and from test centre and a 1hr lesson immediately prior to test.  
full use of the vehicle for the duration of your driving exam.


On return to the test centre your examiner will tell you if you passed or failed.  Even if not present for the test you can ask your instructor to be present during any de-briefs. This can be useful if you have been unsuccessful and can help both prepare again for any future tests.

If you have passed you will be given a pass certificate and the examiner will retain your provisional licence, your full licence will follow by post. 

Dont forget to notify your insurance company once you pass your test. 

Good Luck on your Driving Test